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Sunday, May 06, 2007


After lunch today, Noel accompanied me & Alwyn at our office parking lot for our practice driving. I was first to try out driving. We went around the lot turning left and right. We didn't care if security cameras could see us. I asked Noel's help in the parking department. I forgot how to do a reverse parking. He informed me that the key to reverse parking is that you must position the rear end side diagonally. Sweet! Tried doin' it a few times. Need more practice.

Then it was Alwyn's turn. He has a problem with wheel handling especially when he made a turn. The van rocks a bit when the wheel aligns itself. Noel suggested to him to let go of the wheel 'cause it aligns automatically after turning.

I miss driving. Maybe next time, we'll try driving on Route 7 or the highway.

Afterwards, we went to Marshalls. I bought a cheap American Eagle shirt for like 8 bucks.


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