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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Driving Mr. Knottydon

Around 5 pm, I decided to check out the Bikram Yoga session being offered in Reston. It's like 13 miles from our place. I've been planning to attend a yoga session for the longest time and I was excited.

I didn't know the traffic would be bad along route 7 during this hour. I only have 30 minoots! It's says in the map that I got from MapQuest that the road will merge onto VA-7100S (Fairfax County Parkway). I missed the turn. Fuck! I had to look for a place to maneuver.

The road then merged onto VA-606E (Baron Cameron Ave). I turned right on Reston Parkway. Then I turned left on Sunset Hills Road. This is where the problem began. I couldn't find 11495. I kept on traveling for a few distance away till I decided to turn back.

At last, I found 11495 but there wasn't any building sign that says "Bikram Yoga". Found a guy standing in front of a building and asked him. He pointed to his left and told me that he thinks there is where Bikram Yoga is located 'cause he sees peeps there in workout attire. Otay, that's good enuff. I parked near the building that he pointed to and went inside.

The lady that answered the door told me that they don't have 6:00 classes on Saturday. Crap! She told me to come back tomorrow. Also, she showed me where the yoga room is. It's freakin' hot inside. She advised me to wear sumpthin light, bring a big towel & an iced water bottle, and drink lotsa water tonight. I could also rent a mat for 2 bucks. I'll be needing that as well. At least tomorrow, I'll be more prepared ;oP

Went back to Ashburn. I looked for a frame for my coin collection at A.C. Moore but the guy who works there told me that they don't sell those kinda frames. Crap!

Since I was a bit hungry, I checked out a nearby resto called
Akira. The resto has many clientèle so it means the food is quite good. Got myself some Cali maki and fried gyoza. Yum-O!


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