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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Must Love Dogs

My chat with Brenda this morning led to her inviting me over to her house to meet her dogs. Their names are Sago (pronounced as "say-go", a purebred flat-coated Retriever), Roca (an Australian Shepherd-Chocolate Lab mix), and Lila (a Shepherd/Yellow Lab mix).

First, we dropped by Arby's to get some food. Arby's offers "Pick 5" where you can mix and match food such as Arby's Melt, fries, soda, turnover, cinnamon bread and potato cakes. Got two Melts, turnover, fries and Pepsi. I plan to eat the leftover before my workout this afternoon.

On the way to her house, Brenda gave me the scoop on her dogs. She told me that Sago is the friendliest one (her favorite), Roca is a beauty, and Lila is very shy.
True enuff, when we got home, Lila won't even come near me. She stays far back and hides from me. Sago and Roca, on the other hand, were super adorable. I fed them some chicken jerky and they kept licking my hands. Brenda taught me the hand signal to make them sit. They sit alright but only for a few seconds =oP
While eating our lunch, I noticed that they also have birdhouses and a couple of birdbaths. Brenda gave me a quick lesson on the birds that stopped over to eat. I saw a mockingbird, dove (even heard its cry), and some other species. Too bad, the woodpeckers didn't visit us today.
Played with the dogs some more before heading back to the office. I tickled Sago's belly and she liked it. I miss playing with my own dog, Butter =o(

En route to the office, a very cool thing happened. Brenda stopped the car at a certain side road then a cardinal flew up to the passenger side mirror, just a few inches from me. Too bad, I wasn't quick enuff to take its photo.

Special thanks to my friend, Alwyn, for lending me his cuh-mera.


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