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Monday, May 28, 2007

On My Own

Parted ways with Joy & JB after our brunch. I proceeded to 42nd street to buy my Rockland Coach ticket for tonight's trip to New Jersey. I will be staying at my friend's (Weng) house.

I proceeded to 51st street to check out "Wicked". The show is sold out. Crap! I found out that there's an ongoing lottery: the show gives away 26 front row tickets for only 26 bucks. I took my chance... and lost!
Time for lunch at Yoshinoya. I ordered my beef & chicken combo, as usual.
Next stop was two chocolate shops: Hershey's and M&Ms. It's fun to see all the chocolates that money can buy but I'm on a diet so I didn't buy any. I found this scanning machine that will tell you what color of M&M you are. What's my color? Green... because of my green mind. Nah! According to the machine, I've got excellent taste in clothes, shoes, and that people look up to me for my taste ;oP
Found this cute pup and kitten combo outside the Hershey's shop. The owner was feeding them bits & pieces of a barbecue.

Since it's getting hot outside, I went inside a movie house and watched "Pirates of the Caribbean". The shivering monkey was my ultimate favorite scene. I never like the Elizabeth character. The multiple Jack Sparrow wasn't funny either. And I didn't know there's a seven-minute film clip after the credits!!!
Continued walking around the city. Went inside the Toys "R" Us store. It has a ferris wheel inside! There's a Wii Tennis demo setup. A short line of peeps were trying the game. A kid beats me mercilessly. There goes my ego.
While walking, I found 2 girls carrying an A&F shopping bag. I asked 'em where the store is located. One girl answered me, "at 76th street!" Whaaaaaaaat! I met them at 41st. That's a freakin' long walk. The other girl informed me that it's on Fifth Avenue. So I walked towards 76th on Fifth. I noticed that the biggest names in fashion are on this road. I also found a Philippine store Consulate (thanks, beektur, for pointing it out). Sweet!

I finally found Abercrombie & Fitch but unforch, it was already closed. Crap! I promised myself that I'd come back tomorrow.

So I walked back towards 42nd street where my Jersey bus is waiting. There's a 7 o'clock bus that I wanna ride on. Called the house of Weng to inform them that I was on my way. Unforch, I missed the bus so I had to wait till 8:30. According to Joey, it will take me 45 minoots to reach their place in Northvale. The landmark he gave me is a Shell gas station. I requested the driver to lemme know if it's already Northvale. He just gave me this weird look.

Two Asian guys boarded the bus and mentioned "Northvale". Cool! They stood up to get off at the first Shell gas station that I saw. I got off the bus too, hoping that it is indeed Northvale.

I looked for a pay phone and called Weng's number. She told me the directions to their house. It is like very close from the corner so I just walked and met Joey who was standing in front of their house. Fireworks were exploding in the sky too. What a welcoming treat! ;oP

I met Weng's three children: Juwan, Jin, and Jayra. I played Wii with Juwan. He finished all the games in Rayman! Jin calls me "Tito Don" and talks to me a lot. Jayra makes the Rayman Rabbid sounds. She's adorable!

Around 10, Weng arrived. She also brought Chinese dinner. Yum-O!


Blogger itsme_apaul said...

wow i love the pics from m&ms i miss that place i went sa vagas theres alot goodies yummmyy... i bought two colors of m&ms hehe pink and teal color unforch its 9 dol per pound!!!!anak ng!!

2:34 AM  
Blogger knottydon said...

yep, na-tempt nga akong kumuha kahit isang butil ng M&M kaso napigilan ko sarili ko... hehehe...

2:38 AM  

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