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Monday, May 07, 2007

A Sweaty Sunday

We heard mass at 10:30. For the first time, Noel joined us. Alwyn joked that he brought with him a fire extinguisher just in case our friend spontaneously combust ;oP

Quick trips to Grant mart and Walmart. I bought Crest toothpaste and Softsoap Pure Cashmere body wash. I remember Ogz recommending this soap.

Alwyn tried to redeem himself by cooking Salmon again in Teriyaki sauce. Instead of dumping the whole contents of the bottle, this time he made sure that he followed the correct measurements. He also served it with fried tofu with Nori. Loved the meal. More great & healthy food, buddy!

I finished the first season of "Dirt". I like the character of Courteney Cox here. I wish the new Lois Lane watches the show 'cause she can take a thing or two from Lucy Spiller. The first season is filled with intrigues, recognizable celebrity spoofs, and sex. Mmmm... love the three-way scene. My favorite episode would have to be the hostage taking one. Oh, one more reason why I love the show is that I hear my name all the time through Don Konkey, played by Ian Hart. He ought to get a nomination for his portrayal of the schizophrenic photographer!

Around 6:30, I went out with Rene and Alwyn for some jogging. Actually, after a few seconds of running, my feet started to hurt again so I walked briskly the whole time. I dunno why they hurt when I jog outdoors. When I jog on a treadmill, it doesn't hurt at all.

When we reached our usual destination (a park that has a gazebo and a pond), I requested for us to walk even further... towards a shopping area. Too bad we didn't bring any moulah with us. There's a pizza place, an ice cream parlor, and some bars there. We took Gloucester Parkway towards home. 'twas a very long walk!

For dinner, Rene cooked some steak and Alwyn cooked some asparagus with chopped red bell pepper.

After watching "Desperate Housewives" (am happy that Susan and Mike are together again), I played Wii. Tried out the baseball (where I suck big time) and golf (uhm, not my sport). I went back to tennis, bowling and boxing. In bowling, I either hit a strike or spare. I scored 250 sumpthin'. Sweet! In boxing, I won all matches. Am happy 'cause it's my workout before bedtime ;oP


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