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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Shopping over Great Falls

I thought the plan today was to visit Great Falls park but that didn't materialize. My friends suggested that we could go there some other time. Oh well....

Noel, Rene and I just went to Dulles Town Center and did some shopping. I visited first my favorite store. Before you even enter the shop, you could smell their signature "Proof" scent. I love it.

I went straight to the Clearance section. Got a nice shirt that says "A&F N.Y." Perfect for my NYC trip next weekend. I also got a classic white polo shirt (never owned one). I was planning to buy one from Lacoste but Lacoste and the Knottydon don't quite mix well together.

Visited "PacSun" next. Found a nice pair of charcoal plaid pants. The original price is like 60 bucks but I got it for less than 20 bucks. Good deal, eh?

Then I went to "Aeropostale". I went to the farthest section at the back where the cheapos are located. Got 2 polo shirts. I'm staying away from tee shirts 'cause I can't wear them to work ;oP

Met with the guys and we proceeded to Walmart. After our shopping, we bumped into Marsha at the parking lot. She wondered why Alwyn isn't with us. Yeeeeeheee...

Grandmart was the final stop. We bought groceries for the coming week. My assignment is to cook Pinakbet tonight.

"Shrek 3" will be shown here on the 18th. McDonald's offers Shrek figures with their Happy Meals. Got myself a kiddie meal and requested for the Shrek toy. Next time, I'll get Donkey and Puss 'N Boots. When you press the button on Shrek's chest, he utters, "I'm an Ogre" or *burps* or "I'm on it".


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