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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spidey with an Attitude

Alwyn, Rene, Noel and I went to Regal theatre around 7. We were planning to watch at 8 but the tickets were already sold out for that screening time. Since we haven't eaten dinner yet, we decided to watch at 9 pm. I went to the ticket booth and exchanged our coupons for tickets. The guy behind the counter gave us some Spiderman comics. Sweet!

With more than an hour to kill, we looked around for a place to eat. There are Asian restos around the place but we tried Chipotle, as per Alwyn's suggestion.

There was a long queue when we got there. This means the food is good ;oP While waiting, we looked at the huge menu board and thought about our order. I got myself some Fajita Burrito with Steak (choice of meat, veggies, and rice) and Dos Equis (a Mexican beer).

When I got my food, I thought I couldn't finish it. 'twas huge! I put some Tabasco on my burrito and it was delish!!! I kept complaining but it was really good. Next time, I'll try the burrito in a bowl 'cause it's too messy. You can choose whether to put your food in a bowl, in a taco shell or burrito style.

Checked out Borders next. I asked how much it would cost if I reserve a copy of the Harry Potter 7. The guy there told me it would be like 20 sumpthin dollars. Otay. I can get the book at Amazon for less.

A few minoots before 9, we went inside the movie house.

The first action scene was when Spidey was being chased by the Green Goblin. It made me dizzy so I tried not to focus too hard on the CGI effects. I prefer the fight scene of Harry and Peter when they weren't in costumes. Harry got blown up during the fight at his apartment but why didn't he get killed? Well, at least, he could've auditioned for "The Phantom of the Opera".

Bruce Campbell as the French maitre d' provided some funny moments. Speaking of funny moments, the strutting scene along Manhattan was cute. I found out that Noel & Rene were in NYC at the time of its filming.

I love Spidey with an attitude. The hair and eyeliner really looks good on him (Alwyn thought he looks like Emo). Who the hell is Emo?

I like the tag team of Spidey and the Green Goblin at the end. So Venom doesn't like loud, crazy sounds, eh? MJ could've sung to him ;oP

After the movie, I asked my friends, "Was it a drama movie that we just watched?" Everyone cried at the end. Wassup with that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emo is the cousin of Elmo.

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