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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Start Spreading the News

*** contains very graphic images (nsfw)

Woke up at 6. Emily's already in the shower so I prepared my stuff, including me packed lunch, for my trip. I took my bath and we left around 6:30. Emily dropped me off at the Dunn Loring station.

It's my first time to ride on the Metro. Got me ticket and waited for my train. I kept on looking at each station so I won't get lost. When I reached the Metro Center, I went upstairs and looked for the Red Line. I took another ride going to the Union Station.

Went outside and asked somebody where the Greyhound Bus Line is located. I walked for a good 15 minoots to the bus station. Good thing, I've been working out a bit (and my bag ain't so heavy) so that helped. Teehee...
As soon as I entered the bus station, I channeled Sydney Bristow and became the "Mystery Traveler". I checked out the facilities before falling in line with the rest of the passengers. I was planning to take the 9 o'clock bus to NYC but got here an hour earlier. The bus left at 8:11. It's a 4-hour ride so I made myself comfy. I sat three seats from the restroom. Y'know my bladder gets hyperactive ;oP
Inside the bus, my tummy began aching. I was itching to eat my Spam & eggs but it's hard to eat rice in a moving bus. Am also afraid that the smell would permeate the whole bus. Nevertheless, I took a small bite every now and then.
A few minoots to 10 o'clock, the bus made a stop. The driver informed us that we can do whatever we want for 15 minutes. Sweet! I ate some more, relieved myself and stretched outside a bit.
Reached the Big Apple around noon. It's my third time here. My first was with Joy last '98, when we watched "The Phantom of the Opera" and did the whole city bus tour. Second was with Khaled last '99 when we watched "Miss Saigon" and went up the Statue of Liberty. This time, like I said, my goal is to watch "Les Miserables".

Left the Port Authority and looked for the nearest pay phone to leave a message for Joyish. Note to self: bring coins next time for these damn phones. It costs a buck to call for 4 minoots. Told her that I'm already in the New York and will check out Times Square a bit.
I looked for the Museum of Sex. After walking for like 15 minutes, I found the place and paid 9 bucks. Good thing I brought with me a coupon. I saved like 5 bucks on the entrance fee. At the lobby, I deposited my bag and looked around the small gallery. They sell books, t-shirts, and other sensual stuff. Boring! I went inside the main gallery.
First floor has an exhibition on Kink. They showed different types of fetishisms: from rubber body parts, cloth textures, balloons, animal masks, to wearing children's clothing and bondage. There's a big roadmap on the floor but reading through it didn't interest me. I went upstairs.

The next exhibition is about the impact of sex in movies. They showed film clips of "Basic Instinct", "In and Out", & "The Color of the Night" and popular sex videos of Paris Hilton & Pamela Anderson. In one corner, there's a documentary on the different sex positions.
The third & last level contains a collection of objects on human sexuality: sex education books, dolls that really look like humans (you can pick the color of the hair, the eyes, the lips!), holograms, toys, and interesting contraptions.

There's a corner where you can submit your evaluation on what you've witnessed in the exhibits or send your suggestions. If you feel like it, you can post your own stories in their archives.

Around 2 pm, I looked for a place to eat. I still have some more Spam & eggs. Found Manhattan mall and decided to eat at the Food Court.

Fully recharged, I began walking around the city again. I called Joy again too. Found out that they're in New Jersey with a friend named Marvin. We planned to meet at the Statue of Liberty around 4:30.

Times Square is busy as always. Different smells: body odor, perfumes, pretzels, and yes, paint! Guys spray painting on boards to make them look like planets or other sceneries. Boy, they are really good! Artists drawing caricatures of tourists. I pity the models sitting there and not moving for a good 10 minutes. And then, there's the naked cowgirl. The battery of my phone died so I couldn't take a photo but I promise myself to check her out soon.

At 4 pm, I bought a ticket for the subway. It's my first time to ride by myself. Rode the coach goin' to South Ferry. Made sure that I'm in the first 5 coaches. I dunno why but maybe the rest of the train has a different route. Got to the Ferry station at quarter to 5. Called Joy again but had some problems with the communication. The pay phones gobbled all my quarters =o( At long last, I reached them. I was informed to look for Pier 11 and take the Weehawken, New Jersey trip. Another long walk towards the pier. Paid for my fare (9 bucks) and waited for my boat.

En route to Weehawken, I saw the Liberty statue once more. Can't help but smile at her ;oP

Am finally reunited with my friends, Joy and her family, as well as, Marvin and his family. They took us to Crabhouse where we had a very sumptuous dinner. We had some lobsters, crabs, and prawns. There goes my diet! Marvin is a very fun company.

Later that night, we met Joy & Marvin's old classmate named Gina (along with her bf) at Chili's. I had three beers. I tasted O' Doul's, Bass, and Michelob Ultra. Marvin ordered some chips and a very delish boneless buffalo wings.

Joy and family were staying at Clarion Hotel near La Guardia airport. She had to request a separate bed for me. Took a quick warm shower before calling it a night.


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