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Monday, May 14, 2007

Trip to Maryland

Left Virginia at half past 10 this morning with Rene, Alwyn and Noel. Rene's going to visit his cousin in Maryland. It's also free lunch for all of us. Now who can say "No" to that?!
We got lost along the way due to a Google Maps issue. We're supposed to turn left on Chatsworth Drive but Google Maps didn't advise us to turn left on Farmington Road first. Next time, we'll use MapQuest instead.

Reached the house at 12:30. Rene's cousin, Mary Ann, whom he meets for the first time, gave us a warm welcome. While waiting for the other relatives to arrive, the hostess offered us palabok. Delish! I tried not to eat too much 'cause I was preparin' my tummy for the actual fight.

To kill time, we played some Wii. I asked how they got theirs 'cause it's freakin' hard to buy one in VA. Some relative bought it from Hawaii and had it shipped to 'em. Anyhoo, they have two games that Alwyn doesn't have (yet): The Legend of Zelda and Rayman Raving Rabbids. Between these two games, I love the latter. I've been a fan of Rayman for years now and playing the Wii version is extremely fun. There's this game that you have to use a Nunchuk to close multiple doors of bathroom stalls where the Rabbids are doin' their business. Quite Funny. And then there's the shooter game where you have to shoot the weirdly insane rabbids with plungers. Oh, they shriek like me too ;oP
Around 4ish, we had our late lunch. Andrew, Rene's nephew, led the prayer. He asked the Lord to bless all mothers in the world and the "utterly delicious" food. I took some lumpiang shanghai, pancit, BBQ ribs, grilled salmon, crab cakes (Maryland's famous dish), and very small portions of rice & pasta. For dessert, I had ice cream cake & tiramisu. My craving for ice cream cake has finally been satisfied!
After lunch, the guys went back to the patio to relax. Then we met Rene's cutey patootey nephew named Matthew (Rene told us later that Matthew reminds him of Jowee's son, Nathan). I asked him what his name was. He didn't answer me. Of course, I used my charm again and he warmed up eventually. I asked him about Spiderman 'cause I noticed that he's got Spidey slippers on. Alwyn asked him if he likes MJ ;oP Then I accidentally burped which elicited a laughter from our little guy. I asked him who burped. He laughed. Every time I burp, he laughs. I think I could get a career in making children laugh!

Later on, Rene announced that there's videoke in the house. Alwyn and I took turns in singing our hearts out. I sang "Ben" and got 96. My highest for the day. I checked the Wow MagicSing if I'll get the same score with "Call Me". Remember that I get 99 here. I freakin' got 83. Wassup with that?!

Before we left, we played some more Wii Sports: Tennis (I still dunno how to do the fastball that Noel does every now and then), Bowling (this is my favorite), and Golf, where Noel played with Anna.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's with the ha? parang maliit sya sa yo.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i mean hat...

11:08 AM  
Blogger knottydon said...

it fits perfectly ;oP

10:10 PM  
Blogger Zobel said...

matthew's soooooo cuuuttteee ♥

10:12 AM  

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