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Friday, May 18, 2007

Wassup, Doc?

Am scheduled to have my physical exam today. My company got me an insurance which I think is pretty important to anyone who will be working here in the States for some time. You'll never know when sickness will knock on your door.

I dropped the guys off at the office and then I drove over to the clinic. Got lost along the way (thanks to my poor sense of direction) but got there before 10 am.

Completed some forms and paid 125 bucks for their service.

A nurse got my weight and height. He led me to a small room and took my BP. He told me that it's a bit high.

Then my doctor came in and interviewed me. He looks like a younger Jay Leno. I told him that I had history of vertigo, high blood pressure, etc. Afterwards, he inspected my ear, throat, neck, chest, and THAT area.

He couldn't find anything alarming in me except for my high BP so he asked the nurse back to take mg ECG. The nurse also took some blood for more testing.

I'll know my results on Monday so please pray for me.


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