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Monday, June 25, 2007

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

After our shrimp sinigang dinner last night, Mark, Randy and I shared the leftover cheesecake we bought from Cheesecake Factory. Mmmmm.... So good, lemme tell you. We talked about 80s local tv shows like "Pinoy Thriller", "Regal Shockers", and "Twilight Zone". Oh, Randy can recite the full "Ano ang nasa dako paroon" intro. If you cannot remember, here it is:

"Ano ang nasa dako paroon
Bunga ng malikot na pag-iisip
Likha ng balintataw
O halaw sa isang daigdig ng kababalaghan
Di kayang ipaliwanag
Ngunit alam mong magaganap" (cue sound effects)

I'm sure it will bring back lotsa memories. Mark has a truckload of stories. I had fun listening to them. He talked about the fever man, the cat who fights the devil every other night, etc. I shared some stories from what I remember from "The Twilight Zone".

We then called Mike over for some coffee. Then, the more freaky stories were shared. It's like, we have opened a Pandora's box of Stephen King skewwy novels. Randy's encounter with a shadowy entity when he passed over a cemetery with his brother. He also shared the black dog who wants to take away his grandfather's amulet (anting-anting). Mark shared some frightening Japanese stories involving a lady without a face, a lady whose smile goes from ear to ear and asks little kids if she's beautiful (if you answer yes, she'll call you a liar and will kill you; if you answer no, she'll kill you anyway; a really trick question), etc. I told them about stories I got from my last trip to Bataan. If you're not afraid to read 'em, just click on the link.

Horror movies was the next topic. "Blair Witch Project" was the scariest film for me especially that scene where Mike was standing in one corner (fuck, it gives me goosebumps now). I told them that "The Exorcist" was filmed here in Georgetown. According to Mark, "Blair Witch Project" was shot in Maryland. We're surrounded by eerie places ;oP

We also watched the infamous "Three Men and a Baby" scene from YouTube where it captured a supposedly dead kid on film. Turned out that it's not really a ghost but a cardboard cutout (like the ones you see at the mall). 'twas a good scare though.

It was already past midnight and we still had to wake up early for the airport & DC trips. Mike didn't wanna walk home so we all went to the other apartment. Nobody wanted to be the last person walking so we walked side by side. Teehee....

At their apartment, Pattie was still up. So we told her about the main topic for the night. Ruthie and Noel joined us afterwards. Ruthie shared her most unforgettable story: during the wake of her grandmother, this happened when she was 4, she awoke to find her leg being dragged by the ghost of her deceased grandmother. Every time the death anniversary of her grandmom comes around, she dreams of her till her college days.

Noel talked about their weird house where his wife had a dream of an entity in hood with the scythe visiting their first born son. A relative visited them and stayed for the night. She too had the same exact dream. Creepy!

'twas almost 3 when we had to call it a night. A nice bonding session. I miss the daily pantry chit-chat session so much. This makes up for it... big time!


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