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Friday, June 22, 2007

Back to King's Buffet

The plan was to have lunch at Cheesecake Factory at Dulles Towne Center. But it was already almost one pm when the group got together for lunch. Instead of sticking to the plan, we just looked for a quick meal. On the way out of our office building, we saw Lieu, a lady who works for our mother company. She suggested that we eat at King's Buffet. It's been awhile since we last ate here and it's a first for most of the group so we tried it out.

I had some seafood soup first and a couple of dumplings before going after the big meal. I had two servings. Picked out my favorites: honey chicken, corn kernels, buttered shrimp and squid. Delish!

Our 9 dollars (inclusive of tax & gratuity) was well worth it. Now, I gotta burn the calories in the gym ;oP

On other news, I finally got the Rayman Raging Rabbids Wii game that I bought from my good friend, Weng. Her son, Juwan, has already finished the game so it's not that challenging anymore. I heard they got Zelda.


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