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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Big Brain Academy

I missed working out yesterday 'cause I got busy with some client stuff. So today, I went to the gym on the ground floor of our office building. It's fun to have the gym to myself. I quickly changed. Plugged into my ears my new Bose earphones and tested it. Went straight to the treadmill.

Walked for 5 minoots. Jogged for 5 minoots. Walked for 5. Jogged for 5. Walked for 5. Then jogged for 5. Really sweat it out! I love jogging now.

We couldn't leave the office yet because we had to wait till the heavy rain stopped. I prayed that I didn't leave the van windows open. Otherwise, I'll be driving on wet car seats. Dropped Noel, Rene and Ruthie at their apartment. Then I went back to work for some mo'. Went home to eat some corn on the cob. I miss eating this. Picked up Mark and Alwyn later on.

Ruthie, Noel and I went to Circuit City to check out the new Wii games. I found the Big Brain Academy and Noel picked up his Super Monkey Ball. He asked me to ask the associate about the actual price of his Wii game. It says 49.99 on the package but he's pretty sure that it's only 39.99.

I approached one associate and inquired about the actual prices of our Wii games. He told me that the Super Monkey Ball and Big Brain Academy are both priced at 39.99. Cool! But wait! He told me that he can give me a 20-dollar discount on both games. Sweeeeetttt!!! I asked him if they have Zelda 'cause I wanna buy it too. He told me that they have one.

I delivered the SUPER great news to Noel while the associate looked for my Zelda game. Unforch, he couldn't find it. According to him, it may be stolen. Crap!

So after cooking dinner tonight (I cooked tortang talong and Rene baked his salmon), we tried the two games. Noel played with his Monkey ;oP Alwyn and I played the BBA. All I can say is that, it's WORTH it!

The game starts with a Planters-mascot-looking guy greeting you at the academy. The graphics is very simple. The speaker of the controller needs to be turned on. The first thing ya gotta do is to enroll your Miis. You'll also be given a personalized book (with your face on the cover) so you can keep track of your progress. It's fun to see all our Miis in the school hallway. It reminds me of South Park. Then it was time to go head-to-head with another Mii.

Alwyn and I played a series of minigames simultaneously. First was a boardgame where you must choose the next track to move your train to the target point. Since we didn't read the instructions, I thought that you have to guide the train. Stupid. There's the uber simple guess-the-animal game where you have 4 choices (the photo is slowly revealed). Numbered ballooons that you have to pop in a sequence from lowest to highest. Then there's the more challenging where-are-the-three-birds-in-the-six-covered-&-shuffled-cages game (I hate this).

I love mini games! I also like competing. There's one point that Ruthie and I played against each other and we encountered this "Sum Up" game. We both panicked because we didn't know how the game is being played. As soon as we discovered it, we laughed so hard because instead of removing the number that doesn't add up to the number on the right, we both added all the numbers. Trust me, you'll make mistakes because you're time pressured.

Before ejecting the CD, I did the solo exam where the game determined my overall score (got 900++), my letter grade (C+), and a description (Consultant). You'll also get some medals if you keep on playin' just like in school! So far, I got a bronze. I want me gooooold medals!

This is a great game if you're in a party. It would be MORE fun if we add booze into the equation ;oP



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