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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Finally, I got to taste the sumptuous cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory again! So far, I've been to two different branches: one in Chicago and the other one in DC. There's this one time when I celebrated my birthday there with my evil twin sister, Joyish. Can't forget the chicken teriyaki and the lettuce wraps. Anyhoo, I was invited to a lunch get together with some officemates and friends at the Dulles Towne Center branch.

The group of Rene, Noel, Steve, and Pete went there first 'cause we still had to wait for our friend, Mark. While waiting for him, we had some photo op. It's kinda funny because many peeps passed by and gave us this weird look. One even asked if it's the day job of Alwyn.
Around 1, we decided to leave Mark. When we reached the resto around 1:30ish, we still didn't have a table. Turned out that it's also hard to get tables here especially during lunch time. Unlike in Chicago, this resto doesn't have a whimsical-themed interiors. We noticed it's a bit Egyptian inspired.
Pete suggested that we share food. Alwyn and I shared chicken teriyaki. Ruthie & Pattie ordered some pork tenderloin. Mike & Randy got the Jamaican shrimp. Pete & Steve shared the orange chicken. I dunno what Rene & Noel ordered. Sumpthin' spicy I heard.
When the food arrived, it was delish! I even ordered an extra teriyaki sauce for my chicken. But of course, we had to order the house specialty: cheesecake. Most of us got the Godiva cheesecake. Since it was already late, we had to have 'em packed for later consumption.

Back at the office, I worked on some illos on our proposed system overview. Pattie handed me my Godiva cheesecake. Oh my god! It was heavenly! The best cheesecake I've ever tasted in my whole life. A must try! A piece of advice though, get some water when you eat it.

At 5 pm, I, again, got invited to a send-off party for Noel & Rene at Lansdowne. It's my second time here. It's a first for Pattie, Randy, Ruthie, Mark, and Mike.
This time, I drank Sierra Nevada beer (with a hint of lychee) and some Cabernet. I asked Jeff about vineyards here in Virginia. He told me to check out Hidden Brook and Tarara. I wanna take photos of different vineyards. Of course, I wanna taste some good red wines.

I also became Pattie's adviser on beer. First she ordered YuengLing. According to her, it tastes like San Mig Light. Then she got some PiƱacolada. She didn't like it so I had to finish it for her.

For the first time, we played the shuffleboard. Sasha helped us with the rules of the game.
Other peeps played billiards and darts. I stayed with my wine. I also didn't eat much. I was still full from our late lunch. I took a bite out of a chicken wing, had a shrimp popcorn, and ate some nuts with wasabi.

Around 8:30, we called it a day. We took some more photos outside the Lansdowne resort.
The fun didn't stop there. My friend, Chad, came over and we watched "Evan Almighty". We even saw the Kerrs there! Small world, eh? I like this movie better than "Bruce Almighty". I think Steve is funny. I also like the message of the film: Do a little act of random kindness ;oP


Anonymous augs said...

ano ba yang sasakyan na pinahiram sa inyo, expired na yung registration, nasira pa. tsk tsk.

pano yan di na naman kayo kasya pag dating ni lizette?

3:57 PM  
Blogger knottydon said...

good luck sa amin.

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