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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chinese For a Day

Before Linda and I went shopping at Costco this afternoon, we had lunch at a nearby Chinese resto called "Golden China". They have a smaller buffet selection compared to "King's Buffet". I love Chinese food so I'm happy that Linda let me choose where we eat for lunch ;oP

Got some egg drop soup, beef with broccoli, chop suey, and chicken with plum sauce. Mmmm... yum-O. I had to get a second helping (smaller this time) of the same set of food.
Oh, it's Linda's treat too. Thanks, Linda!

My fortune says I have a new business development coming up. I wonder what that is.

At Costco, I bought long grain rice & cooking oil for the apartment and toothbrushes & toothpaste for myself.

It's my turn to cook tonight so I prepared my beef and veggies. I let Mark and Randy taste one of my favorite dishes to cook: Beef with Broccoli. Mark commented, "Pang-restaurant!". Cool!
Told them that I got the recipe from "Wok with Yan". I think I've perfected this dish already too.

We went to the other apartment afterwards to continue playing "Cash Flow". But when I found out that Alwyn already got a copy of "Shutter", I asked everyone if they'd like to watch a movie instead. Then a series of problem came. Alwyn forgot to download the subtitle. When we found one after some minoots, it was not in English. So we tried again and succeeded finally.

We connected Ruthie's brand new laptop to the ginormous teevee but w
e didn't have a decent speaker. We tried Mike's new iPod speakers but it didn't work. We didn't have the right cable. We tried to use other cables but sadly, nuthin' worked. Last resort was to use the laptop speakers.

The lead characters look like Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo. I joked that "Natre" look like Noel in wig. While watching the film, we can't help but make some funny comments. Some scenes were predictable too.


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