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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Chinese Music & Gym: Don't Mix

While I was working out this afternoon, an old lady went to the DVD/CD player and inserted a disc. I am a music fan but it's not enjoyable to workout to an Oriental type of music. It sounds otay if you're eating buffet in a Chinese resto or if you're in a spa. I don't think Chinese music goes hand in hand with gym. Good thing I've got my ever reliable iPod.

It made me think of creating a workout CD. That way, I can listen to some good music while running on the treadmill even if I forget my iPod. I could just insert my CD and voila!

Am thinking of having the following songs in my workout CD: "Somewhere Only We Know", "Chasing Cars", "Trouble", "Never Again", "Suddenly I See", "Makes Me Wonder", "If You Could Only See", "Every time The Beat Drop", "Lost Without You", and "Everything".


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