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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fifteen To One

I've watched 2 NBA games and 1 hockey game in Chicago. I told myself that it would be fun to watch a baseball or a football game during my next visit to the US. When Ruthie mentioned that they got invited to a baseball game, I got excited. I told her that if they need an extra person to go with 'em, I'd be willing to go.

Gary dropped by my cube this morning and invited me personally to the baseball game tonight. Oh my gudang!

We left around 4. The game would start at 7. It would take about an hour or so (depending on the traffic) to reach the RFK Stadium in DC. We dropped off our laptops first at the apartment and changed quickly. It's freakin' hot outside so wearing a polo shirt ain't a good idea. I became the co-pilot but Gary didn't need a navigator. He knows the way to the stadium!

Around 5:30, we reached the stadium.
Of course, it was picture taking time!
Ruthie and I got so excited when we saw the playing field. Washington Nationals is playing against Detroit Tigers tonight. We also have very good seats, courtesy of our mother company ;oP
Since it's still early, we looked for a place to eat. Gary suggested to have dinner at "Red, Hot and Blue". I got myself some bbq pork sandwich with beans & coleslaw and a Michelob Amber. 'twas Gary's treat ;oP
A lot of shops were selling merchandise but they were pricey. Found a nice shirt but it costs 27 bucks. I could get a Washington Nationals jersey at Marshalls for less!
While waiting for the game to begin, I walked up near the field and took pictures of the mascot named Screech (who gamely posed for me). Some players were already out in the field doing some stretching. Some fans were waiting for autographs too. Vendors were walking around and selling Bud Light, cotton candy, hotdogs, and merchandise.
One thing that I look forward to in watching live sports is the singing of the National Anthem. This time, a group of gentlemen sang the anthem for all of us. Of course, I had to sing at my place too =oP

During the first inning, Tigers got 3 to Nationals' 0. Second: Tigers - 0 and Nationals - 0. Third: Tigers - 4 and Nationals - 0. Fourth: Tigers - 0 and Nationals - 0. I could sense a not-so-good trend here. According to Gary, Nationals lost to Tigers last night. Hmmm....
During the fifth inning, Tigers got their first homerun, courtesy of Sean Casey. Woohoo! Also, Nationals got their first point. The crowd cheered. It's also fun to see people catching the balls.

Then four racing Presidents appeared: George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. The crowd loved 'em.
I remember that during the half time of an NBA game, shirts were being given away. I was hoping that they'd do that here too. During the 6th or 7th, they threw shirts away to lucky fans. Too bad we're not that close to the field. Also, we're not lucky with the cameraman either. Gary advised me to look enthusiastic. I tried. Boohoo!

We left during the 9th. Tigers devoured the Nationals at 15 to 1. It would've been more enjoyable if it's a tight game.


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