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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Great Falls at Tiffany's

The plan today is to hike at Great Falls. This is my second time to plan for this trip. The first time didn't push through. Don't ask me why. I made sure that this time, it will.

My friend, Chad, told me that he hasn't visited the park yet so we decided to check it out this morning. Unforch, my cellphone battery went dead so I couldn't bring it with me. Good thing, Chad brought his.

En route to the park, I've seen a lot of really BIG houses. Oh, the things that money can buy!
At 10:30, we found the park. There's an entrance fee of 5 bucks (if you're in a vehicle) or 3 bucks if you're on foot, bike or motorcycle. The fee is good for 3 days though. It's open from 7 am till dark.
The park has many trails. If you feel like eating, there's lotsa tables for picnic. I've seen many families who brought their dogs with 'em. Y'know how I love doggies! The good news is, y
ou don't need to walk very far for you to see the Potomac River.

At the different observation decks, we took some photos (of course!). There's a warning sign that tells peeps that many people have already died due to drowning or falling from the rocks. I guess many attempted to climb down the slippery rocks. There's another sign about copperhead snakes. Hay, caramba!
We found a signpost where high flood watermarks are indicated.
Hiking was quite fun. It's nice to hear birds chirping and to smell the trees. The sound of the river is relaxing too. I also noticed that people in parks are, most of the time, nice ones ;oP
At quarter past 11, we called it a day. Chad still had to go to work. I went home to have lunch. Rene cooked spaghetti.

After lunch, Noel, Rene and I went to Tyson's Corner to buy a bracelet for Noel's wife. It's my first time to enter Tiffany's so I was excited. Noel asked me to talk to the salesperson. I asked an old guy behind the counter for a circle bracelet. He referred us to another saleslady. We had to wait for a few minoots since she was still busy attending to a customer. I noticed that there were many peeps shopping in here. I saw some couples in the house.

Once the saleslady found the bracelet, she showed it to us. Noel confirmed that it's indeed the bracelet that he wants. I asked (in behalf of Noel) the lady if they could wrap it. I also asked if it's free. She told me for today, it isn't. But tomorrow, it will be. I said, "Oh" and I shook my head. I told her to forget about the wrapping. Turned out that she's pulling my leg. Relieved, I asked if they also have a catalog but she said that they ran out of one. Before heading out to the door, Noel and Rene found a nice watch... that would set you back 3 grand. Wow!
Outside, I took a photo of Noel holding his distinctive Tiffany blue (Pantone Matching System 1837) shopping bag. Of course, I had to do it too (inggitero ang lolo mo!) ;oP

After shopping at Tiffany's, we visited Tyson's Corner. I found a very A&F-ish looking store called "Ruehl" (pronounced as "Rull"). Didn't buy anything. There's also an A&F store but I didn't enter it. I'm trying to control my shopping urge.
We went to Marshall's next where I got myself a pair of workout gloves for 6 bucks. I'm getting calluses now from lifting weights. We continued shopping at Leesburg Premium Outlets 'cause Noel had to buy some more pasalubong. I found a very nice messenger bag from Calvin Klein. I immediately put a dollar bill inside for good luck ;oP Love it!!!


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