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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Party of Seven

For brunch, I cooked some bacon and eggs. Brought the food to the other apartment. Everyone was finished eating there already so I just ate my brunch with Randy. The plan today was to do grocery and a little bit of shopping.

Since we're already nine here, we have a van overload issue. We couldn't fit 9 people in the van without somebody getting uncomfy during the ride. The solution? Rene and Noel opted to stay. Pattie, Ruthie, and Mike sat in the rear. Alwyn and Randy took the middle seats. I rode shotgun and Mark did the driving. I told the guys that I wouldn't touch the wheel anymore.

Checked out "Best Buy" first. They don't have the model of my laptop but there's a 17 incher that I got to play around with. Am really excited to get my lappy. I began looking for a camera too. I'm eyeing Canon PowerShot SD850. I've never owned a digicam. I used to buy the latest cellphone with uber high megapixels so I won't have to buy a separate cam. But Nokia has been letting me down recently so I finally divorce the two functionalities. I need a camera for my trips and most especially, my blog.

Every two hours, Ruthie gets hungry. It was already past 2 so we looked for a place to eat. Since we're heading down Leesburg Premium Outlets, I suggested that we eat at the Food Court. While enjoyin' our late lunch, we had fun talking about what's goin' on back home. We discussed topics from "The Buzz" to the Chinese language. Finished our lunch at 3. We decided to meet up at 4 pm.

Looked around the different shops but didn't buy anything. No mo' moolah for me.

Grocery was next. We went to Grandmart and bought our stuff. The two groups from different apartments took separate carts. We planned to cook chicken adobo, salmon teriyaki (from Alwyn's recipe), beef with oyster sauce, and picadillo. Good thing that Randy can cook so I have a substitute chef ;oP

Before we went to Circuit City, I went to a nearby store that sells wine. I asked where the Shiraz is located. The associate told me that it's at the back to the right. I went there and found the cheapest: Yellow Tail Shiraz from Australia. I so wanna taste Shiraz. Then I found this table with 4 bottles for wine tasting. Nobody was around so I poured some on a small cup. Mmmmm goody. I poured another wine on a new cup. Eeet eeess niceeee (a la Borat). A couple found me drinking so they followed suit.

A man in uniform walked by and talked to the couple. He said, "May I help you with the wine tasting? You're not supposed to drink by yourself. You're on cam and it's not allowed here." Bwahahhahaha. I left immediately and paid for my Shiraz. That was funny.

At Circuit City, I found a new Wii game called Sims 2 Pets. I thought it's only for 39.99 bucks but it's full priced at 49.99. I didn't buy anything.

Last stop was Walmart. We bought some bread, eggs, and cereals for our apartment.


Anonymous augster said...

Are they getting you another car? Dapat magreklamo na kayo kay Jon Church or Hugh. Dapat nga 3 sasakyan nyo e. Maawa kayo sa sarili nyo.

11:43 AM  
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