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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Real Knottydon

Will the Real Salvador Balan, please stand up?

I was surprised to get an Amazon credit card this morning. I tried to get a credit card last week so I can get a 30-dollar discount out of my Amazon purchase. I didn't know that it would be approved very quickly.

I immediately bought the latest Harry Potter book, to be delivered on the 21st.

I checked the leaflets that came with the card and found out that the Chase bank is associated with the Amazon credit card. I don't think we have a Chase bank here so I don't know how to pay for the item. I went back online and canceled my order.

I then called their customer service. This Indian woman asked for the usual ID information. But then she said, "I don't think you are Salvador Balan". How could she actually know how "Salvador Balan" sounds like? I said, "I am Salvador Balan!". Then she transferred me immediately to their Fraud Department without listening to me (am actually rolling my eyes now).

The guy who answered the phone asked for details. Yes, I've lived in Illinois before. He mentioned many addresses that I couldn't remember anymore if I've ever lived in. Then he told me someone would contact me in the next 24 hours and my Amazon account is temporarily suspended. Rrrrright....

I just wanna ask how I could pay for my Amazon purchase and this is what I got.


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