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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sad Day

Our van is back, y'all! We can deff go out this weekend for more shopping. Well, I won't really be shopping since I spent ALL my savings for my new lappy. I can't wait to see my new baby in two weeks or so.

Pattie, Mike and Randy are arriving tonight. Randy will be staying at the apartment I'm currently sharing with Mark. He'll sleep in Mark's bedroom.

I just hope that he cooks. There has to be at least, 2 cooks in the house. I don't think I could cook every single night. Otherwise, I'd kidnap one of the cooks in the other apartment ;oP

On a VERY sad note, I was informed that I cannot drive our van anymore 'cause it's registered under the other company and that I don't have an insurance. Now, I feel really bad =o(


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