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Monday, June 25, 2007

Such a Crappy Day

Woke up to a ringing phone. It was Mike. We'll be dropping off Noel and Rene at the airport. Good thing, Dulles Airport is just 15 minoots away from our place. I only had 3 hours of sleep. Crap!

Bid goodbye to two of our friends. We're down to 7. Later this week though, Lizette would be joining the Ashburn Club.

Went back home and cooked brekky. We prepared for our DC trip. Left the apartment around 9:30.

With Mike behind the wheel and Mark as the navigator, I was able to doze off on our way to DC. We took Sully (28 South) then passed by the airport again. Shortly after, the "O/D off" began blinking again. Then smoke came out of the van. Randy advised Mike it's his call (since he's the driver) if he wants to pull over. I asked Mark to lower down his window so we won't suffocate.

Mike stopped by the side road. Then we got out of the car. We noticed a long streak of transmission oil marks on the road. This is bad, I thought. Then one of the guys noticed that we had a flat tire too. That's bad news numero dos. We checked if we have a spare. Found it underneath the van. But the bad thing is, we don't have tools. Bad news number 3.
Alwyn called our boss for help. While waiting for him, many cars passed us by without anyone stopping. Since we couldn't do much at all, we just took the op to take some photos.
Then a black Nissan van stopped behind us. A guy named Guot or GJ asked us if we need help. He offered his tools. Unforch, the car wrench was too big for us. We couldn't use it at all. Back to square one for us. Before he left, we thanked him and got a souvenir shot with our good Samaritan.
A familiar red van pulled over on the other side of the road. It was Hugh. He brought some tools with him to help us. After 20 minoots or so, the ordeal was over. Or so we thought. A cop stopped behind us. He wanted to know what's goin' on. He also questioned the expired registration sticker on our license plate. Hugh talked to him. The cop asked who the driver was. Mike approached him and presented him some docs. After 5 minoots, he left. All I can say is that, he ain't nice in my books. He's not your usual nice and courteous cop.

When we're about to leave (Hugh's taking us home with his van), Mike informed us that the car ain't movin. Ugh! Hugh called a towing service. We had to wait for the tow truck to arrive before we could go home.

Hugh took us home except Randy and Mike. We're so hungry that we decided to just order pizza at Vocelli's. I got 2 large thin crust. The food arrived at 2. So famished.

Brought the MagicSing and my lappy at the other apartment. We also waited for the other guys to arrive. Around 2:30, they arrived with Hugh. We heard that Randy set off the alarm at our office building. Teehee...

Our DC plan didn't push through but it was an interesting day 'cause so many not-so-good things happened.

On a more fun note, I played "Cash Flow" for the first time today with Pattie, Ruthie, Mike and Mark. Mark gladly explained the game rules before we began. I learned that it's otay to take risks--I bought a stock for 100 shares. I got 3K in return ;oP I'm also getting rid of my debt little by little. I bought a 3BR/2Ba house. I had fun shouting "Paycheck!". You know where my cheese
(my goal) is located? I put it on "Cruise the Mediterranean". We only played for an hour though. We'll continue the game next time.


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