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Friday, June 01, 2007

Third Month

I can't believe there are so many things that happened to me in May!

First, I went back to the gym. I was planning to enroll in Gold's Gym but just decided to try first the gym here at the office. It was otay. The good thing here is that I can use the treadmill all I want. They have free weights and a handful of equipments. I recently discovered the mini trampoline. F-U-N!

Tried Bikram Yoga for the first time. It was hard but I felt really good after the session. That's why I practice it now when I workout =oP

Thanks to Noel for giving us a quick refresher course in driving. Now, Alwyn and I take turns in driving and it feels good to be back behind the wheel.

I had a number of trips too. Visited Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. Watched "Les Miserables". Plus a photo with Lea Salonga.

Met some old and new buddies: Weng & family (thanks for being the nicest host), Marvin (super funny), and Chad (Chick-fil-A milkshake?).

And then there's the Wii. It's entertainment for the whole family! I hope Kuya and his family come home this December 'cause it's gonna be a riot once they play the game. Or, I could visit Bora. I miss the massages!


Blogger itsme_apaul said...

hopefully u will go here to visit us!!!!!!!! then we will cook for u. then play ur wii hahaha..

2:35 AM  
Blogger knottydon said...

i hope so too!

2:36 AM  

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