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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wii Doubles, the Real Deal

Around 4 pm, I, along with Ruthie & Mark, went to Giant to buy some grocery. We got some bread, salad, and detergent for the apartment. Ruthie got herself some water. Told her that I'm the only one here who buys bottled water. Now I've got company ;oP

Since Mark and I haven't had lunch yet, we looked for a place to eat. Mark found Papa John's but unforch, they don't have tables inside their small resto. We decided to go to Ruby Tuesday's instead.

Mark got some salad, Ruthie got the baked chicken parmesan pasta and I got the Triple Prime Burger (it's ground beef with tenderloin, ribeye and sirloin). Delish!!!
They mentioned that they need some gym clothes and a swimsuit. There's only one place that came to mind... Marshalls! After our shopping, Ruthie got a message from Rene. Rene and Alwyn were already waiting to be picked up.

We had dinner at House of Emperor in Ashburn Village. Since we're still full, we just ordered some Kung Pao, fried rice, and dumplings. When I looked at my fortune later on, it says, "Success is on its way to you". Sweet!
Afterwards, we went back to Giant to buy some beef for tomorrow's dinner. Ruthie and I will cook salpicao. Mark and I also bought a Merlot ;oP

This got me excited, on our way to Giant, we passed by an animal clinic. They have this sign, "Kittens for adoption". I wanna check it out tomorrow ;oP

Back to the apartment, I brought my 2 controllers for a doubles game in Wii Tennis. I was paired with Alwyn. Rene and Mark were our opponents. During the first game, Alwyn suffered Wiitis (from playing too much of Wii maybe) so Noel replaced him. It's fun to watch Noel and Mark battling it out when they're the front players. 'twas SUPER exciting!!! We won 3 sets.
I suggested that we team up differently: Apt 20062 vs. Apt 20052. Mark and I played against Noel and Rene. Guess what? We won 3 sets again! I was so freakin' happy ;oP

To celebrate, we drank some Merlot. Ah, I miss drinking red wine.
Next game was boxing. Mark and I fought against each other. Knocked him down thrice. Rene took over and he beat me twice. I couldn't beat him in boxing!

Mark played some baseball. No one here plays this game. Well, this time around, we found the Baseball King in Mark. His timing is excellent! He hits home runs every now and then. While he's playing, Ruthie got interested in playing too. She tried out tennis first. After playing it for awhile, she surrendered. We suggested that she play bowling 'cause it's a lot easier. I think she enjoyed it more. She played golf last.

Ruthie found an option in Wii Sports where it can determine your Wii age based on stamina, strength and speed. She got 79. Teehee. Mark was 46 Wii years old. Of course, I had to try it too. I found out that in May, I was 40 years old. But after trying out a series of tests tonight, I became younger--25. I can't believe too that I hit like 6 home runs in the baseball test.



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