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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dad's Battle

Kuya brought Daddy to FEU hospital in Fairview. Last year, when I was brought there, I had a bad experience with them 'cause they wouldn't help you unless you show them that you have paid your bills already. Even the smallest medicine should be paid for first before they would attend to you. I warned Kuya about this. He just wanna get help for Daddy.

At the hospital, Daddy was complaining about the tubes. I guess his body was reacting differently to the meds being given to him. I remember some medicines hurt when they go through your veins.

At one point, one of the nurses made a mistake in the injection insertion. Kuya was asked to pay for their mistake.

Dad talked to Kuya about his wishes for the family. Dad wanted Kuya to take Mom to Boracay so she could spend her time with her grandchildren. He wanted us to take care of her. Kuya told him to be strong and that I'd be coming home soon. He just nodded.

Raden and Dennis, kuya's barkada, came for support.

The hospital asked Kuya to take Daddy to Malvar hospital for some reason. They told him that Malvar could help him more 'cause that's where a certain Dr. Borillo (Dad's doc) resides. Kuya was surprised of their strange request.

Kuya got irritated 'cause of some payment issue. According to the hospital, we haven't paid yet. Kuya showed them the receipt clearly indicating that we've already paid and we even had a refund.

Before leaving the hospital, Kuya noticed that Dad was in a vegetative state (unresponsive). When they reached Malvar hospital, the doctors there didn't wanna admit Dad. They checked his stats and were surprised too of the transfer.

According to FEU, Dad only had pneumonia, asthma and TB. Very different from what the doctor could see from his present state. The doctors from both hospitals had argued about who will take care of my Dad. FEU had the facilities to take care of him better. Malvar also informed Kuya that they don't know any Dr. Borillo. Kuya didn't know why FEU insisted that Dad must be brought to a different hospital.

In Kuya's frustration, he asked the ambulance if they could take Dad back to FEU.
The ambulance told him that their route is only ONE FUCKING way. They cannot bring Dad back to FEU. If the problem was money, Kuya told them to take his ID and his photo. He'll do everything to pay for Dad's medicine. He won't run away.

FEU Hospital has a way also of not accepting sick people without money. Kuya overheard the guard discouraging the less fortunate people. The guard was telling them that if they don't have this much money then they ought to find another hospital because the first checkup or consultation costs a lot.

After a few minutes, Dad was sent to ER.


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