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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dinner with Barkada

When I found out that I'll be going back to the US in 2 days, I got mixed emotions. For one, I'm really excited to go back to the US. Extremely short travel time to and from work is a BIG plus for me. I'm also planning to save up for the rebuilding of our house. I don't think I can save money with only my salary in the Philippines. The per diem really helps. That means less shopping for me though.

I'm kinda sad too because I'll be leaving Butter behind. I'm pretty sure that I'll be crying buckets on Sunday.

To celebrate my flying back to the US, I invited some friends to have dinner with me. Ogz hasn't celebrated his birthday yet so we decided to have a double celeb. It's been awhile since we last visited MoA so that's the plan for tonight. Traffic in Makati especially on a Friday will give you headache. That's also the reason why we chose not to dine in Makati.

Along the way to MoA, we spotted some lovers. Kendz wanted to shout at them, "Niloloko ka lang nyan!" ("He's only fooling you!"). I wanted to shout, "Puke lang hanap nyan!" ("He's only after your toot-toot!"). We had a good laugh.

We had sinigang na sugpo, pork sisig, grilled pusit and grilled liempo for dinner. I miss eating out with my barkada. Too bad Aedner and Boyette couldn't join us.
Before heading home, I got me a ticket to the HP movie for tomorrow. I think I'm the only one who hasn't seen the latest Harry Potter movie yet.


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