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Friday, July 06, 2007

Friends & Family to the Rescue

My boss asked me today how my Daddy is doin'. I told him that he had a mild stroke and Kuya will take him to the hospital tomorrow. He asked me if I wanna go home. I asked him back if I could do it. Then he asked help from Linda to book a flight for me ASAP. Am leaving on Sunday at noon....

With Ate Fely and Che's help, Dad was brought to the hospital this morning. Mommy couldn't go with them 'cause of her injured foot. After a series of tests, the doctors found pneumonia, asthma and TB. He was given some meds. Instead of getting confined, he opted to just go home. I guess he didn't wanna spend a day inside a hospital room.

Tito Amado arrived and took care of the family. He bought them dinner and stuff.

Late that night, Kuya along with his family arrived from Bora. Daddy was so happy to see his grandchildren. He hugged them tight.

According to Kuya, Daddy requested to be massaged. His body felt cold to Kuya's hands. He couldn't eat much 'cause his throat hurts. Mom also prepared him coffee. Dad likes coffee.


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