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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Fourth!

We started late today. It seems everyone just wanna relax and sleep. Had my brekky at past noon already. Mark cooked his first pancakes & bacon.

Left our pads around 2:30. First stop was Marshalls. No good deals on clothes today so I went to the linen section. I found this super soft blanket from Liz Clairborne. I've been wanting to buy a soft blanket and I thought this is the right time to get it ;oP
Before we left Marshalls, I found this leak again underneath our van. Instead of risking another crappy incident, we decided to leave the van at the apartment. So we went back home and parked the van. With Mark behind the wheel, Wuthie, Pattie, Lizette, and I went to Dulles Town Center.

First thing that I had to do was to eat. I was so famished. I had rice with spicy chicken and some egg drop soup.
No good deals at A&F, American Eagle, Aeropostale, and PacSun. Found a cheap shirt worth 3 bucks at Disney store though.

Virginia issued a tornado watch today. The fireworks would start at 9:30 so we went home first and had dinner.

Around 9, we took two cars and proceeded to Leesburg. I was the navigator again of the first group. Told the guys to look for N King st. which would lead us to Ida Lee Park. Unforch, the rest of the group got lost along the way.

Parked our car and walked towards where the other peeps were goin'. Found a nice spot and took some photos. After taking some crappy shots, I decided to take a vid instead. That way, I wouldn't miss out on the good stuff.

The last time I saw a fireworks display here in the US was in July of '99 at Michigan River in Chicago. 'twas super hot that day. Thank gawd it didn't raining tonight. No tornadoes too!

Now, let's talk about the fireworks display. It's always fun to watch fireworks. Different colors, different shapes. The images here resemble a heart, a Merry-Go-Round, a cotton ball, fireflies, an atom, a tassel, a Pokemon ball, a chicken drumstick on a plate, and a Smiley (a crowd favorite).


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