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Monday, July 02, 2007

Hidden Brook Winery

One of the things that I'd like to do one day is to visit a vineyard. I also wanna do some wine tasting. I'm so happy that both finally came true today.

Tomas and I had our brunch first at King's Buffet. Remember that our plan of eating Chinese yesterday didn't push through. I treated him some nice buffet lunch. I was surprised to see crabs in the menu. I grabbed some, along with my honey chicken, soup, veggies, and squids. Delish!

Afterwards, we looked for Hidden Brook in Leesburg. We took 15 North then turned right on Spinks Ferry Road.
Hidden Brook Winery has a nice log cabin surrounded by pine trees offering cool shade. I noticed that it's so peaceful and quiet outside that I could sleep
at their veranda while enjoying my wine.
There were 3 couples inside doing some wine tasting. I was so excited to try it myself. Tomas was driving so he couldn't drink. Nyah-nyah. It only costs 4 bucks for the wine tasting.

At the bar, I was given a wine glass and the lady behind the counter poured into it my first wine sample: Chambourcin, a red wine with a hint of cherry & chocolate. An instant favorite. It costs 20 bucks a bottle. I took some crackers after drinking it.
The next one was Chardonnay. Hmmm... so-so. Third one was Cabernet Sauvignon. Then I was given half Chardonnay and half Sauvignon.

Then came the dessert wines. First one was Vidal Blanc. Am not a fan of white wine but this totally converted me. Oh my god, it's soooo goood. It only costs 13 bucks a bottle! I told Tomas that I'll be getting a bottle of this.

Sweet Amber was next. I was informed to eat the Dove chocolates after tasting the wine. Then finish it with another sip of the wine. Mmmmmmmmm....

Late Harvest came next. I still couldn't get Vidal Blanc out of my mind.

After the last wine tasting, the lady asked me if I could sample another one from the list. I asked her to give me another Chambourcin ;oP
She then gave me my wine passport. She placed a stamp on Hidden Brook. Virginia has a lot of vineyards that I could visit! Next stop, Tarara!!!
Before we left the place, we looked for the actual vineyard and took some photos:
Next stop was Leesburg Premium Outlets. Tomas needs to buy some stuff. And I planned to check out some Bose speakers for my lappy.
Found Bose Companion 2, perfect for my laptop. Rich full sounds. I can't wait to try it!!!


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