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Friday, July 13, 2007

My Little Contribution

My target today is to get my money from my payroll account. Kuya informed me that we still need to pay the funeral home for the 8-day service.

Went to Makati with Allen. We first had lunch at Wok Inn. I miss their sipa and stuffed squid. I also bought some gloves and dust mask since we're planning to clean the house next week. I'm allergic to dust.

As per Nikks' advice, I went first to Racquel. She gave me a cheque courtesy of the company. We chatted for awhile. Norms joined us later.

I also visited Allen from the Ayala Wing. He's under the weather. Too bad he couldn't join his team, who went to Bataan to visit Aedner (his dad passed away too).

I went to see Mama Butch. Friends like Beng, Bel, Mon, Rene, Dax, Noel, Gentley and Max expressed their condolences. Mims and Dennis approached me too.

Butch gave me two envelopes containing money but I told her to give it to Kuya later. She, along with some officemates, was planning to visit the wake.

Went to UCPB to get my ATM card and withdrew some money.

Around 3:30, Jimmy, Jun, Lindsay, Je, Butch, Beng, Allen and I went back to Bulacan.

Thank you, TarayTina, for your contribution.

Later that night, Joy and Nikks paid me a visit. They just got back from Bataan to visit Aedner's family. After a few hours, Table and Ogz dropped by. By the way, Raz, Jojo and Boyette visited too a couple of days ago. Plus, Aedner, Chel, Beng, Lala and Neil called.

I'm really touched by these visits and thoughtfullness.


Anonymous Nikki Domdom said...

crying while reading - wwwaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


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