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Friday, July 27, 2007

On Birthdays and Farewells

A big shoutout to my big brother, Arnold. He's celebrating his 37th birthday today. Minus 3 and I'll be that age in September ;oP I'm happy that he's got a good career now and a healthy family (adorable kids). Kuya's now working as a resort manager of Boracay West Cove. The next time you visit Bora, please check out the West Cove. He could give you good rates!!! Just a little trivia, the woman in the intro is my sis in law, Angela.

Today, we had a little party at the office. It's Eric's despedida party. I was tasked to create the presentation/vid. I asked the help of Ogz and Aedner.

As usual, Joy, Ogz and I hosted the event. There's an issue about the food 'cause we spent like 10K on food like barbecue, siopito (small siopao), fishballs and cheese sticks. We could've ordered food that would really satisfy our hungry stomachs.


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