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Friday, July 20, 2007

Severe Lower Back Pain

I can't believe the lower back injury that happened years ago still haunts me today. After my quick shower yesterday, I bent over to put on my left sock. A shooting pain instantly made me cringe and drop to my knees. I thought, "Oh my God!" It's not the best time to have this type of injury again.

Last year, I broke down in sweat & tears when it struck me for the nth time. I dunno why it always happens inside my bedroom. I shouted at mom and dad to help me because I couldn't stand anymore. Any movement will cause the pain to immobilize me.

Dad bought me a lot of painkillers. I had to go to FEU hospital with Mom & Allen for the treatment of this back pain. They found crystals in my urine. I had to be x-rayed too. It was such a tough experience.

This time, Kuya, along with Angela & Fiona, accompanied me to Fairview General Hospital. They checked my urine first. The doctor found no anomalies. They asked me to get an x-ray. Again, they found nuthin'. They just gave me painkillers, good for 5 days.

Whenever I lay down on my left side or try to stand up from lying or sitting down, the pain strikes me. Not sure if the painkiller is helping me. I stopped drinking coffee and soda to cleanse my system too.

I'm worried because in 4 days, the rest of my family is goin' to Boracay and I'll be all alone here in Bulacan. Can't BE like this.


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