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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tremendous Support

My heartfelt thanks to all the people who helped us. Ate Fely for cooking for all of us. Her son, Allen, for being there when you need him.

Tita Zeny, Mandala Spa, and St. Therese flower shop for the flowers.

All our family & friends who helped us financially. We really couldn't do this without your help.

Friends & neighbors who shared their stories. They told me that Dad was so kind to all of them and that he helped so many people.

On Dad's side, thank you Tito Amado, Tito Boy, Tito Flory & family, and Ate Arlene & family. To all our relatives from Bataan and Batangas, thank you.

My Mom's relatives, Ate Aida, Lina, Marina, Amy & Imelda, for taking care of my Mom. Ate Ochie for being Mom's constant buddy.

Friends who took a small amount of their time to call me or visit me at the wake. To my Enterworks family, thank you for all your support.

All the people who visited us and expressed their condolences.


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