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Saturday, September 01, 2007


Ahhh, it's Friday once again. We, here in Ashburn, look forward to every Friday 'cause normally, it's just work-eat-sleep for all of us. During weekends, we could go out, do groceries, watch movies or do some shopping. For today, it's the last one that we did.

Ogz needed to buy some flip-flops for our Maryland/Pennsylvania trip tomorrow. I didn't wanna stay home (hellooo, it's freakin' Friday!) so I, along with Pattie & Lizette, went with him. We went to Dulles Town Center.

We parked near JC Penney, thus, we're smacked right in the middle of the mall. We got one hour to shop around. Of course, I went first to Abercrombie & Fitch. I was torn between buying a necklace or a bracelet. I tried the necklace on first but didn't like it on me. Bought the bracelet instead ;oP

Continued shopping at Aeropostale. Found a nice pair of shorts for like 20 bucks and a shirt for 10. They offered 'em half the price so I took 'em. Left the shop to a ringing security alarm. Wassup with that?!

I went to a jewelry store and checked out a diamond stud. Been wanting to own one. It's an early birthday gift to myself ;oP The earrings cost like 100 bucks a pair but I informed the store manager that I only have one piercing. He gave me a good discount.

To my horror, I found this security device still attached to my plaid shorts! Now how the hell can I take this off? The only solution is to go back to Aeropostale and have this damn thing taken care of. I still have my receipt, thank gawd!


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