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Monday, August 27, 2007

August in August

Got a wakeup call around 5:30 AM from Pattie. Mike and I were in charge of picking up Ogz. I got zero sleep so I requested Mike to drive for us. We reached Dulles airport around 6. I went inside to check the flight schedule. Ogz's flight wasn't in the list. The baggage conveyor belt is empty too. Hmm, did we miss Ogz?

We waited awhile. An old man was also waiting for somebody. He told us that the flight got delayed. Oh crap!

I borrowed the Blackberry from Mike and tried to call Ogz. After, like, 4 tries, he answered the phone. He informed me that he's on his way to claim his luggages. Sweet!

After waiting for sometime, I went inside to look for him. Found him by the baggage claim. It took us another 15 minoots or so to get his stuff.

Drove back home and had brekky. I needed sleep badly so I took a nap.

Did grocery around 4. Since we haven't had lunch yet, I suggested to eat at McDonald's. Ogz was still sleeping and Mike was playing with his lappy.

I cooked ground pork with bell peppers for our dinner.


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