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Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Brookstone Massage

The only plan today is to drop Wuthie off at the train station. She's meeting somebody in the DC area for dinner. Boy & Mike didn't wanna go with us so Lizette, Mark and I accompanied Wuthie.

Since we're in the Tyson's Corner area, we postponed our trip to Leesburg Premium Outlets. We checked out Marshalls
first. I miss this store! I got myself a nice plate featuring 4 cities: London, Paris, New York and Roma.
Next stop was Circuit City. I looked for an extra battery for my digicam but I remember Alwyn's advice (to buy a generic one from Amazon). Mark bought a bag for his lappy.

It's already 5 when we decided to have lunch. At Tyson's Corner, we looked immediately for a place to chow. Found Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/KFC store. I got myself some personal pizza.

We waited for Wuthie's call (for pickup) at Barnes & Noble. I read a few pages of the latest Potter book (I know, I'm still not finished!). Wuthie informed us that she'll be meeting us around 9. That gave us an hour to kill.

I found a nice pair of pants at Urban Outfitters. I was shocked that it costs 44 bucks. No moolah so with a heavy heart, I gave it up. While walking around, I saw a guy with an iPhone. Cool gadget!

Went inside Oakley and found this nice pair of shades. When I asked about the price, I gave him back the glasses and left. 320 bucks!!!

Didn't find anything good at Aeropostale nor Abercrombie & Fitch. I went inside Haagen-Dazs and just bought two scoops of ice cream: Butter Pecan and Strawberry.

Before I went back to Barnes, I visited Brookstone. Found a vacant massage chair and tried it out. Oh my god! It felt so good!!! It massaged my neck, shoulders, back, and waist. It kneads, taps, rolls, vibrates and can do both kneading and tapping. Plus, you can have heat on your back or on your thighs. I almost fell asleep ;oP

Around 9, we picked up Wuthie at the Vienna station. She brought us some leftover Paella.


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