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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cooking Pattie's Menudo

We're down to 5 here in Ashburn. That means, Boy and I are now going to share food with the guys at the other apartment. We'll be doin' one grocery for all. And more cooks this time!!!

Tonight, I told Pattie that I'll help her cook dinner. She wanted to cook menudo. Cool beans!

When I entered their kitchen, I found all the ingredients already prepared. Wow! I felt like I was in a cooking show. I also noticed that she doesn't have tomato sauce. Menudo, normally, is tomato-based dish with pork, liver, carrots, potatoes, bell peppers, and sometimes even with hotdogs. She informed me that it's a different menudo, one she's accustomed to. Otay!

I sautéed garlic, onions, and tomatoes. She told me to crush the tomatoes to let the juices out. Then I added the diced bell peppers.

Next was the pork and potatoes. We put some freshly ground pepper (a lot!), vinegar, soy sauce and sugar to taste.

That's it! You must wait till the pork & potatoes get tender and you can serve this simple dish with piping hot rice.

It tastes like mechado though. Delish!!!


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