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Friday, August 03, 2007

Dinner Party @ Unit 103

When we found out that the bosses wanted to have lunch at the apartment, we almost panicked. It's the first time that we'll do this. They wanted to taste Filipino dishes too so we can't just order Chinese ;oP It would take some time to prepare the dishes so it was agreed upon that we'll have a dinner party instead... at 5 pm.

We left early so we could prepare the food. The night before, the guys at U-103 already boiled some beef shank so it would be tender by dinner time today. Patty will cook her shrimp in butter & catsup sauce. We'll also cook Rene's recipe: the uber simple salmon with mayo & onions. To have some veggies on the table, we'll just heat some mixed veggies.
Guests started to arrive even before 5 pm. I brought my MagicSing to entertain them. Turned out that Mark, Patty and I will be the designated entertainers. I also explained to a few peeps how MagicSing works. They were amazed that it doesn't require CDs or complicated setups. Too bad we don't have the Wii here anymore. It would have been a blast to show the guys their Miis!
Hugh showed us his photos from their recent Jamaican trip. We showed them photos of Boracay. We told them that the water there is clear & warm and the sand is powdery. Lizette also showed her wedding pictures. 'twas really grand!

Thanks to Hugh for the Hess Select. He also informed me that he owns a similar digicam (Canon PowerShot SD850). TTOW!!!

Although the party ended in 3 hours, we're very happy that they enjoyed the food.


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