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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dry & Wet Saturday

After a few days of cold weather (think of Baguio at noon), it's back to humid days again. I suggested to my friends to take a dip at our pool. Only Pattie bought the idea. At least, I won't be swimming alone ;oP

We got the pool to ourselves. A guy was lost in his book. A girl was absorbing all the UV rays she could get. The water wasn't too cold either. Ah, refreshing! After a minoot of wading, the lady lifeguard appeared and told us that we can't swim yet. It's still 2 minoots to 3 and it's still break time. Oh well.

She also asked for our "boo" pass. Cue Scooby Doo's "Huh?" I just assumed she's trying to tell us "pool" pass. We went inside the office and requested for it. They informed us that we only have a week before the pool closes. Oh, man!

We went back to the pool and swam for like half an hour. I still couldn't float on my back without my legs falling down. I took one of the floatation logs and twisted it to form a pretzel. This would be for my un-floating feet. Took another one and placed it on my head. Perfect! I floated at last.

We checked out the jacuzzi. Pattie couldn't take the hot water. I told her to dip her feet first. The rest of her body would adjust later. The jet bubbles will be good for her achin' shoulders. I don't get my regular massages anymore so this is, like, a good substitute. Too bad it will only be available for a week.

Around 4, we headed back to the apartment. I took a nap. At 5:30, I got a call from Pattie. We're supposed to do grocery today. I looked outside to check why my room is dark. Here's what I got:

This caused a brownout in Ashburn. I found out that it's pretty hard to live without electricity here in the US. No way to cook or reheat your food. No way to know what's goin' on outside (no internet), and most of the restaurants are closed.


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