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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hanging Out with Pattie & Lizette

I miss going out on Fridays. I miss having fun with Nikks, Tabs, Joy, Ogz, and Aedner. Here in the US, I only have 2 friends who like to go out. Ogz, get your ass out here! The guys, Mike & Boy, would rather spend their nights playing video games. Nuthin' wrong with that. I play PC games too. But the experience of being in another country is too great to spend on just PC games.

"We" (emphasis on that) haven't been to Lansdowne Town Center yet so we decided to check it out. Pattie's the navigator. She told me to take Lansdowne and turn right on Xerox drive. Along the way, we found a very nice neighborhood. After driving for like 10 minoots, we still couldn't find Xerox drive. The map says it will only take us 5. We asked a group of peeps having a chat outside their houses. They told us that we already missed it. Great!

And so we followed their directions. The moment I saw the area, I thought, "Wait a minute, I've been here already!" We could've taken Route 7 and reached this place in no time.

We walked around the area and searched for a good place to eat. We found a lot of peeps eating at "Not Your Average Joe's" so we thought it's a good sign. We were given a good table, right in front of the bar and the telly. The place reminds me of Friday's, very casual atmosphere.

Liz & Pat ordered lemonade while I got myself a glass of Sauvignon Cabernet. When the waiter inspected my driver's license, she couldn't believe that I'm already 33. While waiting for our food, we were given bread. Our waiter mixed Romano cheese, chili peppers, garlic with olive oil. Tastes good.

The center-cut sirloin was good. Pattie ordered A-1 sauce to complement it. She also put a lotta salt & pepper on her mashed potato. The chicken picatta was just otay.

We still have space in our tummy for dessert. We ordered choco mousse and some butterscotch thingie. Soooo sweet!

The following day, the three of us looked for the Filipino store in Chantilly. We bought some chips (Chippy & Clover), sili leaves, chicharon, bagoong and longganisa.

We continued our Saturday adventure by going to a nearby Air & Space Museum. When we found out that it costs 12 bucks to park. I made a U-turn ;oP

Grocery time at Walmart and Grandmart. We had a super late lunch back at our house. I cooked the longganisa. Oh my god, it's sooooo good.

Around 5, Patti, Liz and I went to Tarara Winery. Remember I missed the wine tasting last time? When we got there at quarter to 6, the lady bartender told me that the wine tasting is over. Crap! I just bought their award-winning Merlot and Vidal Blanc to make me feel good.

Boy cooked monggo for dinner. We put some chicaron in it too. Yum!

Before bedtime, we watched the psychological thriller, "Mr. Brooks", starring Kevin Costner and my favorite comedian, Dane Cook. We enjoyed the Vidal Blanc while eating Chippy. Teehee...


Anonymous augster said...

fully booked na sa lahat ng airlines for the whole month of august. sept 9 na yung nakuha ni mommy butch na flight sched for me and alwyn. now, di ko alam kung kailangan pa ako dyan by september so di ko alam kung matutuloy pa trip ko dyan. sana tuloy pa din.

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