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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Knottydon's Binagoongan

I've never cooked binagoongan before. Last Friday, I researched the net for some recipes and Pattie suggested her version too. My Daddy used to cook a delish binagoongan so I hope my initial version is at par.

I sliced the pork belly and boiled 'em. Put some vinegar, freshly ground pepper, and crushed garlic. When the meat is tender, I strained 'em and kept the broth.

Fried the meat until crispy. Now this is the worst part of them all. As soon as you put the meat into the hot oil, dodge. It will spit on you like an angry Beeyotch!!!

Saute some garlic, onions, and tomatoes. I enjoy cooking garlic 'cause it smells so good. Crush the tomatoes to get the juice out too. If you have some chili peppers, add them in.

Put the pork back in and mix. After maybe about 5 minoots, add the bagoong. Mix like hell. Add the pork broth (depends on how saucy you want it to be). Simmer for another 5 minoots and you're done. It will be a great dinner, I tell ya.

If you have other ways to cook this dish or other tried & tested recipes, let me know so I can feature your recipes in my other blog. Let's share the goodness!


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