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Friday, August 24, 2007

My Shemagh

Submitted my application form to the Canadian Embassy yesterday. I highly doubt it if they would give me back my passport (hopefully with a VISA) before the Labor Day weekend. Not sure what I will be doing next weekend. I hope I could go somewhere or do something exciting. Am happy that Ogz is coming over on Sunday. He might have some great ideas.

I was also surprised to get my shemagh yesterday. I wear it daily now ;oP

The shop where I got it from is called US Cavalry. They sell items like military bags (i like the duffle bag), night vision goggles, MagliteĀ® flashlights, dog tags (too bad I already have one), name tapes (my US Army jacket has "Lowe" sewn on it and I'm planning to replace it with sumpthin' like "Knottydon"), and other military stuff.

They ship fast too. Remember I only ordered my shemagh last Tuesday? Two days!!!


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