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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remembering Daddy

It's been 40 days since my Daddy joined the Company of the Souls. I promised myself that I'll go visit a church and prayed for him.

I finally met the manager that requested me to be sent here. In normal days, he works from home in Texas (that's why I don't get to see him here). He gave me a quick geography lesson on places he's lived and visited. He's very friendly. Before we parted ways, he told me that he's heard so many good things about me and he's happy I'm here (extension please *cough* *cough*). Awwww!

After work today, I drove myself to Christ, The Redeemer church in Sterling. I was hoping that the church won't be locked. I went inside and tried the door. Thank God, it's open! There's an old man sitting on the last pew. I went further down the middle row.

I prayed for Daddy first then my family. I prayed for good health. I prayed for all my loved ones and friends. So if you're my friend, chances are, I prayed for you ;oP

I couldn't stay long 'cause I need to pick up my friends back in Ashburn. Took me quite awhile to get back. Traffic on 7 is not so good around 6.

Called my family back home. They told me that they got the small package I sent them a week ago. I just bought them chocolates and vitamins (no moolah yet). Mom told me that our neighbors back in Bulacan and an uncle went to Daddy's grave and prayed. Kuya will also have a small gathering in Boracay to celebrate Dad's 40th day.

Before din-dins, we watched "So You Think You Can Dance". The choreographies aren't quite as exciting as last week's. I like Sabra & Danny's number. Oh, I just remembered Neil & Danny's number. Wicked!!! Sabra's fall was really sickening. You can hear the thud. Good thing she's got big hair to cushion the fall.

Voted for Sabra. I just wish a female dancer would win this time. Lacey is hot and all but one winner in the family is enuff. If Danny wins, he deserves it. If Neil wins, it's because of the shrieking girls. He could have a career in acting too ;oP


Anonymous Nikki Domdom said...

THANKS DONISH! I know you prayed for me and BOYO!

Ingat po. Miss you so much! did not get the chance to talk much when youre here.

mwah mwah mwah!!!!!!!!

3:37 PM  

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