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Friday, August 31, 2007

Separated at Birth: Adrian & Zanjoe

Am catching up now on season 4 of "Entourage". I didn't know if I could still get the remaining episodes of the 3rd season so I began with the latest season.

It's fun to watch Ari Gold again. I noticed that the writers give him more dramatic moments. It happened in episode 7, "The Day Fu*ckers". I looooove the scene where he's begging to the school headmaster to accept his son. That's my favorite Ari moment of all time. Also, in this season, you will see more boss-secretary relationship. Lloyd cracks me up.

One thing nice about watching "Entourage" is that you'll see celebrities "acting" as themselves. In this season, they featured Anna Faris. In the past, we got Mandy Moore. But her role was forgetful.

As for the 4 boys, it's good to see E getting clients other than Vince. He IS a manager after all. Vince (played by Adrian Grenier) still has a very strong presence. Lizette pointed out that he looks like our local actor named Zanjoe. I'm very observant with what they wear too. Each character has an interesting fashion sense ;oP


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crush mo si zanjoe no?

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