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Monday, August 06, 2007

Tarara Festival

After dropping off Wuthie & Liz at the Leesburg Premium Outlets, I looked for Tarara Winery. I found out that it's close to the last winery I visited, Hidden Brook. True enuff, after passing by that winery, I located Tarara.

I didn't know there's a festival going on so instead of trying out the wines first, I checked out what's happening at a nearby field.
A group of kids with their parents gathered around some parrots on display. Some guy was explaining sumpthin' about these parrots but I'm more interested in getting their photos.
A lot of tents house some sort of merchandise: woven baskets, paintings, tie dye shirts, cheese, apple cider, etc.
There's a local band entertaining the drunk and tipsy peeps. Yep, you could actually smell the wine breath when you get too close to the peeps! A half-nekkid guy shouted at me but with a big smile on his face. Drunken bastard.
There's an ongoing blackberry festival too so peeps could pick berries. I got myself one and tasted it. It's crunchy but a bit sour. I didn't know it ain't for free. Teehee... You have to pay 5 bucks for the berry pickin' ;oP
After 30 minoots of looking around and tasting some free stuff, I looked for the shop where I could taste some wine and get my wine passport stamped.
Inside the shop, I asked the bartender to put a stamp on my passport. It took awhile for him to find the Tarara sticker (no available stamp). Took some photos of their wine glasses.
It's time to look around the shop. I found this underground self-guided section (they call it a cave) where you could find large barrels and steel storage. A bit cold in there too. They also explained how they process their wines and the difference between red and white wines.
Before I left the shop, I found out that Tarara's wines, like Merlot & Sauvignon Cabernet, won some awards in Virginia State Fairs.
I drove myself back to the festival. When I asked if I could try the wine tasting, the guy there informed me that they already closed at 5. Son of a! I guess I have to come back here soon for the wine tasting. I'm excited to taste their Merlot & Sauvignon, plus my favorite, Vidal Blanc.


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