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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What to Do???

Now that I'm done with the Potter book, I can now concentrate on other stuff, like:
  • Play PC games again. Am currently playing "Neverwinter Nights 2". Last night, I got to morph into different creatures (been wanting to do this!!!). Became a spider and a useless gargoyle. Am also currently "trying" to install 2 games: The Sims 2 and Titan Quest. Hopefully, I get to figure out how PowerISO or MagicISO works. I can't get to install any of 'em (sulking now)
  • I'm happy that Virginia is a wine haven. So far, I've visited Hidden Brook and Tarara Winery. Happy with both. That's two stamps on my wine passport, baby ;oP
  • More places to visit. I hope I get to visit my relatives in Canada. I hope I could see Vegas, San Francisco, and LA. And I hope I can fly to these places for free. Go, Northwest!!!
  • So many things to do. I wanna watch a football game. I wanna go see a Maroon 5 or Michael Buble concert. I wanna go to the beach!
  • Next week, I'll go back to the gym. Won't lift anything. I'll jog


Anonymous aquijano said...

donish, pupunta ako dyan next week. gusto nila tuesday nandyan na ako pero wala pang makuhang flight si mommy Butch. minimum stay ko daw is 2 weeks pero pedeng ma-extend. pasyal tayo!!! sabihin mo kay Tomas magFlorida tayo. hehehe. may tita ako don, pede tayo magstay sa kanila. kalapit lang nila ang universal studios sa orlando. :-) gamitin natin ang miles natin sa northwest. excited na ako. hehehe.

6:41 PM  
Blogger knottydon said...

Shut up!!! Ang saya nito! Hmm... Florida? Pwede bang Vegas na lang ;oP

9:51 PM  

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