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Friday, August 10, 2007

What's Your Scent?

It's Mark's birthday today. His boss gave him a choco coconut cake. I had 2 small slices. Yummy! I had to drink brewed coffee afterwards to counter the sweetness of the chocolate.
A lady two cubicles away from me approached me and asked for my scent. At first I didn't understand her question. It dawned on me that she wanted to know the cologne that I wear. She knows that I didn't apply it today too.
I told her that I brought it with me and showed her Abercrombie & Fitch's "Fierce". She wants to buy the ladies version of it. I was tempted to spray some after she left but it would be too obvious. Teehee ;oP If you haven't visited any A&F store, then you're missing out on this great scent. It's my favorite.
While waiting for my friends, I went outside and took these photos:
We went to King's Buffet for dinner. We normally eat here at lunch time. The good thing about having dinner here is that there's no rush. That bad thing is, it's more expensive. Lunch would cost ya around 7, plus gratuity... 9 bucks. For dinner, it's like 12, minus the tip. The main topic of our conversation was 7 (since we're only 7 now). 7 Deadly Sins. We chose the one closer to our personalities. What do you think I chose?

I had TsingTao along with my crabs. I first tasted this beer in Hong Kong. We really enjoyed our food. There were times when crab juices would spurt on our faces but it comes with the territory.
This is what I got in my fortune cookie, "You are goning to take a vacation." Whoever types these things should turn on their spel chek. Besides, I don't think that's a fortune. That's a plan ;oP Here's what Mike got in his, "Confucius says, 'Show-offs always shown up in show down'." What the hell does that mean?

Before heading home, we checked out Borders at Sterling. Read some entertainment mags.

Wuthie & Mark are leavin' tomorrow. Down to 5 for us.


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