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Monday, September 10, 2007

All-ween's Back!

'twas already 1 in the afternoon when I got up from my bed. After brushing my teeth, I went to the other apartment. Alwyn opened the door. It's good to see him back. He flew Korean so his flight wasn't stressful at all. He brought us some goodies from Manila. Sweet!

It's Sunday so it's grocery day. Boy, Lizette and Alwyn decided to do some shopping at Leesburg so we dropped them off first. Ogz, Pattie and I went to Grandmart and Walmart for our weekly grocery.

We don't have mineral water in our apartments so I'm already getting dehydrated. I bought a bottle of sparkling water. It's now my favorite drink. It has no calorie. No caffeine nor sodium. I luv it.

For dinner, Ogz and I cooked crabs (remember our frustration when we couldn't afford to eat a seafood buffet in Baltimore?). It was a feat just to put them in my vinegar-Sprite-pepper-crushed-garlic broth. Two crabs decided to leave the wok at the same time so I panicked a bit. The thongs I was using wasn't meant to hold down crabs. Unlike in Manila where they tie up the legs of the live crabs so they won't go walkin' out on you when you cook 'em, here in the US, they're free to wander around!

When I dip the crab meat in vinegar with bagoong, I remembered Faye 'cause she taught me how to do this. At first, I was like, "What the hell are you doing, girl?!" But when I tasted it, I liked it immediately. It tastes good with shrimp too.

We're planning to watch 2 simultaneous shows tonight. Too bad we don't have Tivo to record the "Design Star" on HGTV. We watched first VMA. Britney sucks at the opening number. We were expecting more. I luv JT's number though. As for the other show, I was disappointed that there's no decision yet. Kim presented well so I really hope she wins. But I think the judges love Todd more.


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