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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All Work and No Play

Been so freakin' busy with work lately that I get stumped when I'm about to write sumpthin' in my blog. Nuthin' special happened to me today. Bo-rrrrring!

I'm super excited to see Vegas on Friday. That will be a nice advanced birthday celeb for me. It's gonna be a blast! I started packin' my clothes. All nice tees went into my bag. I wanna look good in my Vegas pictures. Hopefully, I won't get too drunk ;oP

I also printed out some coupons where I can get free hotdogs and ice cream. According to Joyish, she's looking forward to the buffets there. You'll get rooms filled with just desserts. Oh my gawd! I can't wait to see the dancing fountain in front of Bellagio.


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