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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Goin' Brown

After our Baltimore trip last Sunday, I decided to finally apply the brown hair color that I bought. With my original black hair, it's kinda hard to use these over-the-counter stuff. Last time I used one, it didn't stay for too long. This time, I bought ColorSilk Light Brown 51. I'm happy that it doesn't cost much too.

The instruction says that I need to wait for like 30 minutes for a new application. Instead, I waited for 45.

After conditioning my hair and drying it, I'm happy with the results. It's still not light brown but it ain't black either. Yay!

Later on, I found out that after coloring your hair, it gets really dry. I was shocked when I shampooed my hair. Normally, my hair is soft and smooth (*coughs*) but now it's freakin' dry. I use Pantene Ice Shine shampoo daily so I hope it brings back the shine and smoothness in my hair. Cue "Unwritten" music! "Feel the rain on your skiiiiin...."


Blogger Zobel said...

Baltimore! Hairspray setting! :)

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